November 1, 2020

Senator Michaelia Cash highlighted the need for a skills-led recovery at an event jointly hosted by national skills developers, IBSA Group, and peak national employer organisation, Ai Group on Friday 30 October.  The Delivering Modern Manufacturing through a Skilled Workforce webinar unpacked the 2020 Budget investment in skilled workforce for the manufacturing sector.

Executives from diverse manufacturing businesses across Australia heard the Minister speak passionately about the range of government initiatives for the manufacturing industry and how training must be relevant, forward-looking and informed by on-the-ground advice.

Minister Cash emphasised the need for the sector to scale up through investing in jobs and recruiting apprentices. The Manufacturing sector needs everyone to work in this shared space to revolutionise the skills system for Australia.

The Minister’s announcement that JobTrainer information about free, low-cost training in SA and WA is already available on the MySkills website reflects the progress already being made in delivering economic recovery through skills development

She also stated that IBSA and Industry Reference Committees play a fundamental role in designing training qualifications and providing high-quality, relevant training for workers and industry. The VET system needs to respond effectively and efficiently.

Speaking at the same event, Megan Lilly, Ai Group Head of Education and Training , discussed how the acceleration of digitalisation in recent months has meant a shift in how business is conducted and transacted along with the need for ‘skill deepening’ to be an on-going process.

Sharon Robertson, CEO IBSA Group said, “It was fabulous to hear the wide-ranging support provided by the Government to the manufacturing industry. I applaud the Minister for her passion in this area and look forward to IBSA playing its part to deliver on the Government’s exciting strategy for manufacturing.”

She added, “It was also great to hear Megan Lilly discuss the need for skills to enable real jobs and real work.”

These conversations will be continued at a series of industry events being held by IBSA to provide the timely, on-the-ground advice the Minister is seeking to deliver the skills led economic recovery.

Attendees at the event represented a diverse range of manufacturing businesses across Australia included many senior executives from organisations that provide tremendous support to the manufacturing and training industries.

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