July 15, 2020

We’re here to help your business make the transition


It’s a challenging and uncertain time and the ‘new normal’ continues to change.

Getting back to business and adjusting to a COVID-19 environment poses challenges for any business or organisation. Combined with the information overload in the market, particularly for those operating small to medium enterprises, it can be hard knowing where to begin.

Throughout the pandemic, IBSA Group has been supporting government, industry, and business with a range of projects and training solutions. Their commercial arm Australian Training Products now has another solution to help you make the COVID-19 transition.

Their new course, ‘Operating in a COVID-19 Environment’ is condensed, short and affordable and only takes two hours to complete. Simple and easy to follow, you’ll learn how to operate your business or organisation in a COVID-19 and post COVID-19 environment. It also offers a Certificate of Completion so you can demonstrate you’re taking the correct steps to protect your staff, customers and clients, and the wider community.

Developed specifically to support a range of businesses getting back to or preparing to return to work safely, the course guides learners through the actions workers and managers need to take in their workplace to maintain hygiene and social distancing and meet their health and safety obligations.

Find out more or purchase the course here.