August 21, 2020

National Skills Week highlights the talents, the skills, the career pathways and the value of apprentices and trainees across Australia to the wider public and employers. The week is dedicated to raising the status of practical and vocational learning.

‘IBSA is proud to support National Skills Week and promote the VET sector as a viable alternative for young people thinking about University or established workers looking for professional development or a career change.’

Sharon Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, IBSA Group.

Since its inception, the national TAFE system has proven to be a successful social and economic pathway to gaining national qualifications.

It is also becoming a viable alternative to University education. Statistics show that students are beginning to turn away from long and expensive university education and VET’s visibility as a viable option to gaining a qualification that offers real and lasting career prospects is increasing.

According to, VET graduates earn higher salaries and have better job prospects while spending less time and money getting qualifications.

This is supported by Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, Michaelia Cash who has publicly stated that ‘University is for learning, VET is for earning.’

“With the latest employment figures showing over 1 million Australians unemployed due to COVID-19, high quality VET and TAFE training will prove a key element for people wanting to upskill, reskill or transfer their skills to an alternative employment path.”

Sharon Robertson